Friday, January 27, 2012

Seahorses and eagle rays, oh my!

The doctor said I'd likely have to miss a few days of diving... well, I showed him!  :)  Started the day with a shore dive; my new warm water fins are too small, even without a toe injury. While I got them on, they were too tight to be comfortable. After finagling with the dive shop for a bit, I got a nice pair of very roomy fins from Seac which are awesome; I like them even better than the ones I bought; they are stiffer all the way through the blade, and allow for a passable frog kick, which the ones I bought do not.

A great relaxing morning of shore diving, hanging out, and then lunch and on the boat to San Francisco wall, followed by a nice long, leisurely stroll across Paradiso. Beautiful fish too numerous to name, of note were spotted eagle rays and seahorses, two things on our list to find. Yippee!

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