Friday, September 2, 2011

A shout out to John's Car Wash in Salem, OR

Scot and I both buy wash cards at John's Car Wash, a great deal over paying individually.  We run the metal stallions through there when they need it. (Ok, usually well past the point they need it, but better than never, eh?) To make a long story short, the attendant accidentally broke something on my car before I entered the wash. He was quick to note it, apologized profusely, had me fill out a form.

Cory in management called me the next day. We both figured this would be a $30 fix. No big deal, I said, I'd have Mike at German Motors take care of it in a week or so when I went in for an oil change (and new wiper blades... the damn blades on the Beetle are IMPOSSIBLE to put on, and I say this only after watching the service manager at DeLon try for 30 minutes after I had failed miserably the first time).

Only thing is... It's more like $300. Yikes! Regardless, Corey is making it right. He's been very helpful in getting it resolved, and that's some great service.

Accidents happen. It's what a company does in the addressing of the issue that makes or breaks their service. And John's Car Wash is on top, they are awesome.

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