Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Stillness did not come.

Clearing my mind seemed impossible this morning, but it wasn't a pointless clutter that barged in. Rather, my breath carried a cadence of items, apparently borne from somewhere in my subconscious, of pairings that I wanted to bring into my life (breathe in), and those I wished to usher from it (breathe out). Not fighting it, the result was quite a powerful meditation in and of itself.

At once, a troubling illustration of many things I'm doing wrong in life, but yet an exciting tale for all the potential is represents. Life is pretty good now... just imagine how much greater it can be with these directions. When taken individually, each is fairly simple. The list is fairly plebeian so I won't bore you with it, but I did write down many I could remember.

Here I thought my limit of ten minutes was brutal; Kristi shared this link. One word. One minute. Go!  Now that's a challenge. I'm going to add this to my morning routine.

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