Sunday, September 12, 2010

We dove Triton Cove, eventually.

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Something happens when certain people get into a car. The drive up should have taken 3-4 hours turns into... lessee, we left at 7:30am-ish and got into the water at... 4pm.

Had something to do with Voodoo Donuts, lugging gear at the apartment, buying bins to protect the car's trunk, multiple coffee stops, rest area stops, playing with his new car and swapping drivers, shooting the breeze at Hoodsport 'n' Dive... aha, finally, the water!!

Triton Cove is a very accessible, easy and basic site with a gentle slope; initially there is some rubbly rock structure with some vegetation housing the usual suspects. Most notably... gobys! OMG the gobys were everywhere. I love these little guys and and at some point it was like, "Eh, there's another goby."

The structure and vegetation gives way to a somewhat bare sandy bottom with desolate outcroppings of a leaf of vegetation or a plumose and assorted little life around it now and then. You never know what the occasional discarded beer bottle holds, either.

A long dive, almost an hour, down to 70 and back up. My dive buddy donned a steel 95 and compensated for an air consumption discrepancy between us almost perfectly. Saw lots of awesome critters. Took a few photos but then put the camera away and just got lost in the dive.

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