Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On a boat!

Woo hoo! We are about to head out to sea! I'm with a gaggle of divers from Salem aboard the Vision, a vessel from Truth Aquatics in Santa Barbara, CA. The past 24 hours was a fantastic drive down friends, two divers I've known for a bit but have really started to build a friendship with as of late. We were really looking forward to a road trip together to have fun and those discussions you can really only have at 3am on the road. The trip would be a success even if it stopped here we had so much fun.

The liveaboard experience is new to me. It's right up my alley -- while of course there will be DIVING DIVING DIVING I also enjoy group experiences and social interactions of a large group that has to really spend some time together -- and being on a boat for 4 days certainly fits the bill. Plus, I get to curse and belch and just be "one of the guys" which I really enjoy, as much as I joke about getting a case of "testosterone poisoning." Once a tomboy...

I kinda feel like a princess, though; the accommodations are bunks three high, some single some doubles. I have a little corner room though that actually has room to stand and change, and no bunk to climb into. I'm very thankful for that because the whole stack 'em high bunk situation might leave me feeling a bit claustrophobic.

Can't wait to hear the engines, stand at the bow and cross the bar and begin our travels. While I'm dead tired -- only a few poor bits of sleep throughout the last 24 hours -- I intend to spend a lot of time looking at the water tonight as we cross.

Graham, the captain, just announced his welcome! It's almost time!

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