Friday, August 6, 2010

Does honesty pay? It better.

This evening I received a newsletter from Salem Cinema that drove an icicle through my heart, and brought tears to my eyes. Such heartfelt and frank communication is refreshing, and startling. 

As it should be. Salem Cinema needs your help. To be frank, many things in your community which you love and cherish need your help. 

Economic struggles have affected almost everyone in some way or another, I'm not trying to downplay that. But many in our culture remain in the comfortable area that gives them choices. (And some who think they have no choices have simply shackled themselves to things, by choice... and might benefit from rethinking if those choices best forward their live's goals.) 

Now more than ever, the votes we cast with the dollars we spend matter, especially within our own communities -- be that physical geographic communities or other niche communities that are connected by technology. 

Think about where your dollars are going. Do they represent your heart, mind and values? If you value the arts and independent cinema in Salem, do your dollars spent on cinema reflect that? If not, why? And is there something you could do about it? 

If you go to movies once or more a month and have any interest in non mainstream movies, do you go to Salem Cinema at least once a month? If not... give it a try. Try something different. If you don't... in the future you might not have the option. 

In our world of ever available abundance (or what is at least marketed as such) we often take things for granted, not to notice their importance and value until they are sadly gone. In our zeal for more more more at a lower and lower price, we create a race to the bottom in which true value is thrown to the wayside, not even considered in lieu of a low price tag. Should we wake up and realize one day that, hey, wait, in a commoditized world there IS a great value in quality and service, we find that our choice is gone... and we are left only with the cheapest option that comes without quality or service. 

Wake up before that happens, again. I do not believe that a future occupied only by Wal-Mart and McDonald's is a foregone conclusion. 

Loretta's heartfelt message has made me realize that even while I strongly feel and share that sentiment... my own actions need a revamping. 

Thanks for the wake-up, Loretta. 

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  1. Consumption is an icky calculus, isn't it. I'm not for buying local for buying local's sake, but when the local option is clearly the better option, as it is here, we should have a moral impetus to choose it. I've also started paying more often with cash so as not to send my fraction of a dollar to visa or mastercard.