Sunday, August 1, 2010

And the beat goes on.

K and I had some great dives at Alki Cove 2 this weekend. S was sick and ordered out of the water for two weeks by his doc, so it was the A and K show all the way this weekend. Hit some dive shops, picked up some deals, hit the water, hung with the klan of Chris and Christy... it was all good. More photos. 

A lot has changed since December. I've lost almost 50 lbs, blood pressure is now normal, and heart rate is reduced, too. This is all well and good, but... I now get too cold when driving the drysuit with minimal thermal protection. A medium length dive in 53 degree water left me cramping and shivering. I'm going to add thermal items slowly until I arrive at a good solution. 

After finding and patching a small pinhole in the suit I am once again diving dry. I picked up some UV Tech to hopefully slow the wear on my wrist seals; I noticed a few cracks and discoloring. Tried talc to ease the donning of the suit at the wrists. WOW. A little on the skin and the seal and... smooth and easy!

Oh, and I got to drink yummy adult beverages out of little plastic sand buckets at The Rock. 

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