Saturday, February 20, 2010

DIY scuba weights. Sorta.

Everyone's gotta have weights to dive, and fluffy girls need more than usual. So the appeal of paying $3-4 per lb retail for lycra bags filled with lead didn't appeal. (Some good deals on ebay for around $2/lb, but then you have to ship it.)

Buy lead shot. Use XS Scuba Fillable Weight Pouches. Voila. The only issue is that last year you might have been able to make your weights for about half of retail. This year... maybe a 25% savings due to the increase in the price of lead shot (see last year's ammo hullaballu for the reason why).

So let's get started. It's easy!
  1. Buy weight pouches from your friendly local dive shop. (That's a relationship where the more you buy, the more you save, so get to know your guys and feed them well, with goodies and money.) 
  2. Buy shot. Bi-Mart had some leftover #9 going for $26 for a 25 lb bag. The rest is now selling for $39.95. OUCH.
  3. Grab a scale (used our kitchen/food scale), a square container, a scoop. And a large tub style container to contain it all JUST IN CASE you spill it. You don't want this stuff on the floor, or we're talking cartoon slip-and-fall kinda stuff. You'll be finding little metal balls in corners for years to come. 
  4. Carefully weigh using a corner of the container as the pour spout, fill slowly, close Velcro carefully. (Do this ALL inside your tub just in case you spill.)
There is velcro on the inside and AGAIN a flap with velcro on the outside, the results are SOLID.

You could save even more by getting some suitable fabric and sewing bags yourself, skipping the velcro and just sewing the bags shut. But if you consider the time to source, cut and sew... the pre-made pouches are a good value.

I have some leftover so now I'm seeking creative art projects using little bitty balls of lead...

EDIT: And don't forget... this is LEAD. Do not eat it. Do not go out of your way to breathe it in deeply. Thoroughly wash all items that came into contact with it. Keep it away from children, it isn't a toy. Yadda yadda yadda. MSDS right here. 

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