Sunday, January 31, 2010

Was that spring in the air?

Oh yes it was. Some might say I am premature, but make no mistake...

We stood in the back yard this afternoon, talking of plans for the year: new mulch; new wood rack to move it off the back porch; move the fountain over to the hammock area; complete the tikificarion of the hot tub area. Marissa sat in front of us, all shiney red fur against lush green grass. She was already me happy dog thanks to a trip to the dog park, but she was positively beaming to share her yard with us.

There it was in some sprouts on the strawberries. The clump of chives bright and plump. The teeny start of buds on the fruit trees.

The invigorating, renewing energy of spring just waking up. She'll push snooze on the cosmic alarm a few times before really rising. But she's stirring.

It can't come too soon. I opened the last jar of blackberry jam we made last summer!!

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