Monday, January 25, 2010

Stampin' Cat's "Make and Take" for a buck.

Stampin' Cat (Salem's most awesome papercraft store, if ya didn't know) always has something to love. Twice a month, they have "Make and Take Mondays," a quick little walk-in mini class that costs only $1, and the end result is always a spiffy little card.  There's always something I pick up at these little quickies: a technique, a tool or just a combo I'd never thought to try.

Valentine's Day is almost here. Joy! 

Vacation has left me so energized my brain's about to explode. In addition to a day's worth of cleaining, a little freelance work AND errands, I wrote, I doodled, I sketched and I planned some projects. I do NOT want to go to bed, but know I'll have to before midnight because of work tomorrow.

Tonight I stormed the kitchen and made a very light chicken parmigiana.  Rounds of polenta were cooked to a light brown in a pan with butter and garlic. Then, chicken tenderloins were dredged in egg and pressed into a pile of finely ground bread crumbs, parmesan cheese and Penzy's Italian herb mix. I coated the cast iron lightly with olive oil, then dropped them in at a high heat so they cooked up crisp on the outside, moist in the center. I braised some mushrooms, stacked it all up and dribbled a little marinara on it, and put a toasted slice of farm bread on the side. YUM.

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