Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It all comes together.

Monday was a nice mix of exploration and relaxation! One of the best things about being new to diving and coming on a group trip is all the great people you meet, people who you will know back home (and just may be willing to go out into the muck with you just to get wet). And it's so easy to get in with one another because you have something to talk about.

Allen came up to me at breakfast this morning and gave me my certification card. Good for him I was sitting down, because it was so exciting I probably would have bowled him over with a jump-n-hug. As it was, he got a sideways one-armed sitting hug. I hope he's a hugger! 

But, yeah... warm water diving is where its at. The water is 80 degrees here and a dive skin all I need. Some others are cold, but I think it's perfect.

We didn't ride the boat today; Leslie was to work on her certification during the afternoon, and unhappy with rental gear and seeing how happy we were having our own gear, we ventured into town for some shopping. They got BCDs, we got a few souvenirs. Scot and I could have gone, but we came here as a team and stick together until we're all certified!

We spent a lot of time out in the shallows in front of the club. Ears seem to be doing well, but it's only 20 feet out there, and most of the shallower reef dives are around 55, I think. I'm excited to get out on the boat tomorrow.

We had numerous bouts of doing nothing but talking and laughing, or swinging in the hammocks.

A lot of my apprehension in this endeavor has been the result of over-thinking. The time playing around is helping me raise my confidence level to what my real competence level is. (I'd rather have it that way, then the other way around, though!) Scot said he anticipated I would do that (he knows me so well). Truth is if you are well prepared, properly outfitted, and mentally present... diving is easy. Change depth slowly, equalize often, nice slow controlled breaths, keep an eye out on your buddy, check your gauges and give any BCD adjustment a moment or two to play out before adding/dumping more.

It's diving well that's the challenge! My buoyancy is laughable, but improving. The main problem is I get a little too heavy handed with the button. Let's hope I'm not like a bull in a china shop on the reef!

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