Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa paper toy!

I'm becoming mildly obsessed with paper toys. They combine my love of design, printed output, Xacto knives, bone folders, self healing mats and craft glue into one crazy simple task... well, it's easy to cut them out and put them together, much harder to actually design your own. Which is why I'm not there... yet.

This adorable blockhead Santa came my way via How About Orange. It's from Ataque Mutante, what appears to be a crafty duo making paper toys (commonly using this format) and posting for all to enjoy.

Oh, if I only spoke Spanish fluently. If you've never put together a paper toy, even without knowing the language their little 15 minute video makes the how-to clear. And, you'll enjoy watching a cute talented geek speak in a foreign language. Well, at least I did. The absolute laser-like focus of his workspace lack of clutter has truly inspired me (yet again another before/after of the studio, which has reached new lows, is forthcoming).

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