Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sundays rule.

Sundays are often the days we have chock full of things to do, but upon rising we reconsider. "Nah... not gonna do any of that." Today went that way, and became about, primarily food.

Through the Dinner Spinner for iPhone, Scot had discovered Gypsy Chicken Stew and was set on trying it. While shopping at Trader Joe's yesterday for the sherry, we had learned an interesting tidbit: the difference between sherry and cooking sherry is only the addition of salt, which was done historically to stop the kitchen help from helping themselves to the stock of alcohol meant for cooking. One reason I love the staff at TJ's: good food, good personalities, and a little info thrown in to boot.

The recipe is positively drunken. But, it's so damn good. Wow. Amazing. Simple, flavorful and warming.

It required roasting some peppers. Cooking a whole chicken in my most prized kitchen tool, the Le Creuset dutch oven. The amounts of garlic, onion, and booze in this stew are staggering. The house will never smell the same... but that's such a good thing. So, so good.

For a mid-day break we struck out to see Julie and Julia. I loved it. That's no learned critique; there were boom mikes visible in a few starting scenes (really? in this day and age? seriously?) but it was the type of movie where I came to love the characters, real or not. That's enough for me.

Must cook beef bourguignon now.

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