Sunday, October 11, 2009

Flying High at the Lincoln City Fall Kite Festival

For various reasons my plans to camp fell through, then my plans to get up early and leave with plans to get there early to stake out a spot in the parking lot fell through. Thanks universe... you saved us! We arrived at 1:30, and were surprised to see very few things in the air. Some larger items were being unpacked and prepare for flight.

Turns out the winds simply were absent in the morning, it wasn't until the afternoon that a breeze picked up.

We were able to get all our big toys up... of course none of our big toys are big in the big scheme of things. One has to dream. =-)

The ghost delta got a lot of looks. Scot's Giant Delta is awesome, and looked very cute with the trio of pandas which were my birthday gift to him earlier this year.

All of our larger items are from Gomberg. We are like a two person Gomberg show. We deserve a t-shirt or something, dontcha think?

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  1. What a great site--and flying pandas-oh my!!!
    Sounds like a fun day!
    Hugs you two!