Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Marion County Dog Control Shelter

Aside from sending in $$$ in exchange for jewelery for our furkids, I'd thankfully not had any contact with the Marion County Dog Control Shelter. It sounded icky... Dog Control. That's the dog catcher, man! Remember the Ren and Stimpy cartoon that talked about The Big Sleep!?

Recently Scot and I found ourselves making the absolutely crazy choice to spend our Saturday, after the Salem Saturday Market, doing a little animal shelter hopping. Tempting fate, it is!

Having never gone to the Marion County Dog Control Shelter, I pulled up in trepidation. My mind was thinking of some of the not-so-nice facilities I've seen in my time.

Walking through the door I was... shocked. It's... cute. It's... warm. It's... welcoming. It looks like a spiffy veterinarian's office. Neat as a pin, clean, well maintained and with very nice accommodations for the dogs. The volunteers were super nice and helpful, and all in all I really couldn't find a single thing I'd suggest differently. Wow!

They handle all the stray dogs; this means if you find a dog, this is where you take them. Willamette Valley Humane Society will direct you there if you try to stop off there first.

This is also the first place you should check if you've lost your dog. You can even search their found dogs online! There are listings with photos of those dogs at the shelter, and also a listing of dogs that have been found by individual citizens who are housing them until an owner is found.

All dogs that make their way into the shelter spend time as strays awaiting claim. After that time is up, after evaluation they may make their way into the adoptable list, again something you can search online. But nothing beats going to the shelter and shaking a paw or petting a head. Even if you just want a dog fix, these guys will enjoy the attention.

PS - Penny is still available for adoption. She's so wonderful, please adopt her!

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