Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Salem, OR weekend.

The weekend play-by-play: Saturday started with a run out to the Independence Farmer's Market to pick up some bread from The Bread Board. The usual six booths there had grown to almost double, with a bountiful array of peppers, tomatoes, honey, tomatillos, and melons. Samples of melons were being extended at every turn, and Scot scored a gigantic cantaloupe with a flavor that made him swoon.

Even the smell of those makes me gag, so I abstained.

On to the Salem Saturday Market, at which we devoured a fantastic meat/cheese and veggie quesedilla at one of the vendors. We topped it off with some marvelous spring rolls (how DO they get them so crisp?!).

The spirit moved us to visit the shelter. Off to Willamette Valley Humane Society we went, where we spent forever in the rabbit room speaking with volunteers and playing with buns. After a quick trip through the kennels (they never seem to have many dogs... is this a good thing?) we headed out to the Monroe County Dog Control -- I'll write more about that surprise later -- and to make a long story short we almost adopted (another) dog.

But we didn't.

Not yet, anyway.

Today Scot threw together the most fantastic lightweight summer chili, and we went to see District 9. Thoroughly disturbing.

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