Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Penny needs a home!

This past weekend we spent some time doing a shelter-crawl. We met an adorable older dog at the Marion County Dog Shelter. She is so sweet, and so deserving of a loving home in which she can live out the rest of her days. She's well behaved, social, smart... so sweet.

The hard truth is that as an older dog, her chances of adoption are lower. Please, please, if you are looking to add a dog to your home, consider Penny. She's awesome.

See the web site for more information.


  1. Why is she at the shelter and about how old is she?

  2. The Marion County Dog Shelter is all strays -- she was found without ID, no chip, and no one sought her out during her time there as a stray awaiting claim.

    She's clearly provided a number of litters for someone. She's old. One can make assumptions about someone's lack of care for her at this point in her life, but the whole story will likely never be known.

    It's just so sad because she is SO sweet and deserves so much better. As do so many others, I know.