Saturday, July 25, 2009

Salem's Best Breakfasts

This morning's choice was hard, for Salem has so many good breakfast choices: Word of Mouth, Sassy Onion, Broadway Cafe, Busick Court, and more.

We headed to Annette's Westgate Cafe on Edgewater Street in West Salem. We found Annette's four years ago, right after arriving in Salem, thanks to a coupon published in the paper. They've been through some changes since then, mostly for the positive. Although I really miss the booths; it made for a great place to relax and eat. I never feel as relaxed at tables, and the chairs are about an inch too high in relation to the tables, but maybe that's just me. While some of the faces have changed, the staff is always very friendly, ultimately helpful, and often very cute to boot.

On a Saturday at 10am we got the last table, but turnover was brisk as people set out on their weekend adventures and staff cleared the tables promptly.

Everything being carried by the tables looked so good. We each have favorites there, but keep trying to cover more of the menu.

Scot chose the Ortega omlete. A half is three eggs stuffed with onions, hamburger, jalapeños, olives, sausage, tomatoes, green peppers, Ortega chilies, pepper jack cheese then topped with sour cream and guacamole. On the side are hashbrowns and a choice of bread.

Do not get a "full" omelete unless you have an incredible appetite!

My biscuits and gravy were fantastic, with hand made biscuits which are buttery and fluffy covered in gravy which is--for gravy--light and flavorful with a good amount of sausage in it. It's not too bland, but not overly complex, either: good, home cooking.

The prices are moderate, but the ingredients are quality.

I learned, however, that not eating such carb heavy items in the morning for a long time means suddenly doing so is not a good thing. Ugh. That's no fault of Annette's, though! I did see a nearby diner having a very light plate of tomato, cottage cheese, and English muffin.

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  1. Annette's is good. I'm a Sassy Onion loyalist. My favorite is the 5 Alarm Scramble.

    Reading your post made me start thinking. If I could assemble the perfect breakfast plate, made up of the best parts from the different restaurants around salem, a sort of Voltron All-Star Plate, what would it be made of.

    I know it would include the coffee from Elmers on Portland Road, and either the 5 Alarm Scramle from The O (Sassy Onion) or one of the skillets from Off Center Cafe.