Sunday, June 28, 2009

What's for dinner?

Often I'm tempted to eat out because so many options are so near, and I'm so lazy. Okay, so I'm not really lazy, but I do over-estimate how much work throwing something together is going to be. So... I'm going to talk more about food--maybe give others out there some ideas, but at least help memorialize my Good Choices(TM)!

So tonight's menu took a whole ten seconds to think up, thanks to the list of freezer contents we keep posted on the fridge.

In the freezer we had some Roasted Garlic and Chicken Ravioli we'd gotten from Nonni's Kitchen when they were at the Salem Farmer's Market a month ago or so. They are normally at a market in Beaverton, but were able to snag a "last minute" booth once at Salem. I haven't seen them since. Their wares were good, no doubt... but pricey. We gave their ravioli a try. At what amounts to $12 a pound, I'll make my own. But, theirs are quality.

For sauce I used a roasted red pepper pesto I picked up out of the Cheapie Bin at Fred Meyer. I pick up the nicest things in the deli section for NOTHING because apparently anything other than Skoal, pork rinds, Twinkies and tortilla chips doesn't move very fast at the Fred Meyer closest to my house. Score for me.

I mixed up a quick cheesey biscuit to go with it; started w/ this recipe but substituted Manchego cheese for cheddar, and Italian herbs from Penzey's for the parsley. (I'd recommend some salt and pepper added to the dough, too.)

Nice little side salad, and it was a quick but flavorful meal.

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