Sunday, June 7, 2009

Oregon's liquid sunshine.

Last week was HOT, an affliction that was eased out of the way mid-week by bona-fide thunderstorms. Friday morning, I got a quote on an AC unit, promptly took a spill on the steps, and called out of work the rest of the day.

We had standing plans to go camping. After Scot got off work, we headed over to the coast to camp with friends. On the way we stopped at Pronto Pup in Otis, just six miles short of Lincoln City.

SERIOUSLY? It took me FOUR YEARS to stop at a place that makes the best freakin' corndogs EVER? What is wrong with me!? (I didn't take any pics, so I found the pic of the sign over at Royal Order of the Corndog.)

We stayed at Devil's Lake State Park, a nice patch of land that is right off the road and surrounded by development. It's a bit odd, as I'm used to parks that are a bit away from it all. 30% chance of showers doesn't mean your 100% rain feels any less wet. Regardless, it was fun, as in our cozy two site group at Devil's Lake State Park we has plenty of cover, plenty of firewood, and plenty of dutch oven made enchillada casserole. Saturday we discovered that Gomberg Kites has a seasonal store open at the outlet mall in Lincoln City, which meant we got to see in the flesh the Giant Ghost Delta I was planning to acquire before the big kite festival at the end of the summer.

Saturday night we watched Halie Loren perform at Eden Hall, just south of Salishan. It's a great little place for gigs, and word has it the eatery next door, Side Door Cafe, is top notch. All I know is the chocolates served at the bar by Fox Chocolates were very good, with unque, powerful passionfruit filling.

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