Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blowing shit up in Salem.

It's 11pm, and apparently the local authorities are still detonating things found on Norway Street. Scot saw news reports from Portland stations warning Salem residents they might hear such things throughout the evening. He heard a few throughout the evening, and I just heard one. Seriously? 11pm? Can't that wait until tomorrow? Wait... if I had the chance to blow up lots of cool shit, I wouldn't wait until tomorrow, either.

Anyway... can I just say today rocked? While I griped about getting up at 5am, the day held much great fun. Presenting/teaching is something I love, and the presentation that sent to me Portland this morning was great as usual. I truly love working with the employers I server. All of them. Even the ones that won't let me get an entire sentence out without raising their hand to ask a question... a question I'd actually answer if they'd just let me talk. And the people I work with... they rock. Some moreso than others (and you know who you are), but I get to know more and more as time goes on.

All in all, it's been a swarm of connection, both at work and in my community. Score.

Ignite Salem 1 was what I hope to be the start of something amazing, a podium for people to get up and share their passions for their own enjoyment, but also the contribution of another string to Salem's bow, and also to draw others of like minds to them. There is so much here in Salem... so much going on, so much being considered, and so much potential.

It's exciting. My low energy left me feeling less than my usual bubbly outgoing self, but I met so many people I've seen/heard/conversed with online regardless. Vegan's Nightmare. Eric from Salem Monthly. Gino. Got a chance to chat with Joanne, it's been a while. Nice!

And now I find myself so tired I can't sleep. That makes absolutely no sense. So it's out to the hot tub to listen to some more Bomb Squad Serenade. Maybe that'll do it.

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  1. I'm sorry I missed meeting you. Ignite was really fun and interesting wasn't it? I really enjoyed it.