Friday, April 3, 2009

Lunch at Queen of Tarts

What a lovely Friday! It began with my beloved white chocolate mocha and a chonga bagel with cream cheese. The morning drug a bit--even with that much caffeine! For lunch, a friend and I walked over to Queen of Tarts, which is tucked away in the basement of the Salem Public Library. A tiny corner of a place, there's a very inviting pastry case, a few small tables and very nice lunch fare!

The staff are very friendly and jovial, and clearly know well a number of lunch regulars. Taking the easy route, I ordered the specials: a cup of pasta fagiola and half a muffuletta. It came to just under $6.00.

Fantastic flavors, fresh ingredients and a wonderfully light and tender bread. My friend dove into a vegetarian that looked fantastic; the included side was a fruit cup which had a nice selection of delicious looking pieces of grape, strawberry, etc.

A sampling of the pastry delicacies was left to another day, and we enjoyed the sunshine as it had peeked out again for us.

Coming home, the Icelandic poppies were planted; I love their fuzzy stems, the large cupped flowers but even more the droopy little buds before the burst into bloom. Next, four dozen gladiolas bulbs were put into an open space in one of the beds in the side yard.


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