Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Violet does it again... something silly but yet irresistible.

A few years ago, Scot bought me a Nabaztag:tag after I pitched it as somehow being business related. It was amusing for about five minutes, at once seeming full of potential and pointless. I tried it's functions far and wide but really found none of them compelling; eventually the little guy found a new home via eBay.

Violet has done it again with something so well designed and cute that I want it, but yet I can't really see a good point or function. Mir:ror, complete with nano:ztag bunnies!

Come on, kids! Let's all practice our RFID habits now, before the government makes it a requirement!

But seriously... I've never been a good visionary technologist. But I've always thought that Violet was on to something, if not perhaps a step or two ahead of me.

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