Monday, February 16, 2009

Holy Clothing rocks!

A few weeks ago I fell prey to a "free shipping" offer from one of my favorite clothiers, Holy Clothing. I picked up one inexpensive item, the Diana Velvet Lace Tassels Gothic Peasant Top in forest green. It arrived last week; their shipping is slow, but it was FREE, and it's coming from India, after all!

The pic from their web site, below, is a bit overexposed; it's a much darker green. But it's AWESOME! The cut and fit are perfect, and it's very flattering. I paired it with some gauzy black pants and black suede ankle boots at work and received more complements than ever. The amusing thing is that when you wear one thing people like, they find everything else you are wearing more appealing as well; that same day I had people complement my nail polish, my glasses, my earrings... even if they didn't mention the top.


  1. I really am saddened by my most recent experience with Holy Clothing.

    I have purchased Holy Clothing for several years now. In the past I have been very happy with my purchases and even years later they look good.

    Then, this year, I ordered five dresses, which I expected to last me many years as well. It was a big chunk out of my budget.

    After only a few washings, the color started to disappear from the seams, and on the threads of the designs. The threads also have unravelled leaving holes in the fabric so they can't be worn to anything the involved looking my best.

    When it happened to the first dress, I thought it was an anomaly so I waited. Then it happened to another and another, after only a few washings. Now all five dresses are in the same sorry state.

    I contacted Holy Clothing, and "Jittiporn" responded after several days (my first email was sent Monday and I received a response Saturday). Her only response was that it was their 'policy' that 'defects' need to be reported within 30 days. End of response.

    My response to her is that I will not go away. The merchandise I received was defective and not even close to good enough quality.

    It is sad when quality deteriorates in any company, both in quality of product and quality of customer service. Sadder still when loyal customers receive shoddy merchandise and are left with no recourse.

    At the very least they should replace the dresses with some that will last more than a month of wearing.

    I have asked that my problem be sent up the ladder and also asked for contact information for Janice Kay the owner and founder. I doubt I will receive any other help. I would be delighted to be proven wrong.

    Oh yes, there is an add on the Internet for workers to work in customer service at Holy Clothing and claims to pay them 17,000+ per WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now isn't that a red flag?

    Anyone else having similar problems? Contact me at

  2. Well, 17000 rupes is about $300 us. Less than minimum wage. So that isn't surprising.

    Be sure to post your issue on their FB page. That does indeed seem way different from my experience. This shitt I posted about? Still looks great.