Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Headline: Dog upchucks faux shrimp.

Once at Vegetarian House we picked up vegetarian shrimp, mostly due to the novelty. (They sell a selection of frozen products in addition to table service.) They are even painted to look like shrimp. While we aren't vegetarian, we enjoy tofu and a lot of other things, but for their own merits, not for the ability to replace a meat based option. (Aside from the fake chicken at Marco Polo, they've always failed to come even close.)

Last night we made a white wine/garlic/butter sauce with mushrooms and these little faux crustaceans. Neither of us could handle it. The problem was that the texture was so shrimp-like, while the flavor was just... odd.

As is often the answer on our household, "Give it to Marissa." She's the tall, skinny redhead above, and her boundless energy and endless patrolling of the back yard burns up more calories than she'll eat in dog food, so we do "augment" her diet with people food.

They didn't agree with her. What was odd was that they came up, over 12 hours later, with no signs of having been digested.


Ingredients include Japanese konjak flour, soybean and wheat protein. She doesn't seem otherwise affected.

No more culinary adventures for Marissa.

1 comment:

  1. Pppsssssst.......my guess is the faux shrimp were rubber...
    I've heard this may cause bouncing dog poops...
    much akin to a dog eating rubber bands.

    Note to vegetarian self: Do not eat the bouncing crustaceans....!